The FUSELoids is the name I gave to the group of utaus created by me and my closest friends!!!

Lee Teion / リー 低音

PronounsHe/Him, They/Them
Birthday / Release DateOctober 31st
Weightuh idk
Height5'8 (1.73cm)
Voice ProviderTeionLeeIRL (me!!)
ArtistCool Kid 999 (for the chibis only)

❀ Work in progress banks ❀
- CV Screamo (Rafflesia)
- VCCV Spanish (Valencia)
- CV Japanese (Cedar)
- VCCV Korean (Hibiscus)
- Arpasing English + CVVC Japanese (Evergreen)
- CV Screamo 2 (Gympie)
- CVVC Soft+Dark (Chamomile)
- CVVC Chinese (Lotus)
- VCV Tripitch Japanese (Act 2)
- CVVC Tripitch Japanese (Act 3, on hold)

Hikari Utsuroi / ヒカリ 虚移

PronounsThey/Them (Hikari is Agender)
Birthday / Release DateJune 28th
Weight... um
Height5'4 (162 cm)
Voice ProviderSomeoneCalledFlora
ArtistSomeoneCalledFlora (again)

⌘ Work in progress banks ⌘
- CV Power (Flare)

Uri Suono / ウリ スオノ

Birthday / Release DateJanuary 8th
Weightthat's a bit rude innit :/
Voice Provider@bren_synth

Work in progress banks
- C-V English (Abyss)
- AI RVC (to be named)
- Arpasing English (to be named)

Amako Kouon / 甘子 高音

Birthday / Release DateUndecided
Weight88lbs (40kg)
Height4′8" (143cm)
Voice ProviderCatcakeruu
IllustratorCatcakeruu (who could've guessed)

From the request of the voice provider, Amako Kouon will not be receiving a public release. If you currently possess her voicebank, do not distribute it under any circumstances.


Birthday / Release DateJuly 11
Ageplease try again later
Weighta lot of cheese
Voice ProviderC H E E S E

FUSELoids Terms Of Use

Disclaimer: Uri Suono's TOS differs greatly from the other FUSEloids.
Please contact bren_synth for information regarding the usage of the Uri Suono character and voicebank.
Do not create AI generated images of any FUSEloid character.Do not use the illustrations of any FUSEloid character with any AI image generators.Do not use AI voice cloning to generate voice models of any FUSEloid character/voicebank without permission from the voice provider.When using the FUSEloid voicebanks or characters, you are required to give credit to the creator (TeionLeeIRL) and voicer. The information on the voicer is stated in each character's respective page.You must request permission to create:
- Political content
- Religious content
- Violent content
Sexually explicit content with all FUSEloid characters and/or voicebanks is strictly forbidden as they are minors.
The exceptions being Min, Virtue, Lee, Mycクル, and all TTS voicebanks (Sam, Delay Lama, and Female U.S. / Male U.S.)
You must ask for permission before creating sexually explicit content with the exceptions above, excluding the TTS ports.
(The TTS ports do not require permission)
Do not create explicit content with Tsurune Lucky, as per the wishes of the voice provider, Versailles.You must not create content that violates the UTAU program's TOS.You must acquire permission from TeionLeeIRL, and the voice provider of the voicebank and character order to use them for commercial purposes.Creating content surrounding NFTs or cryptocurrency is strictly forbidden.Editing and redistribution of recording samples of any FUSEloid voicebank is forbidden, unless granted permission by the voice provider of the voicebank.You are free to edit and distribute other types of files (oto.ini, .frq, .llsm, and files with similar function) without permission.

UTAU Blacklist

Please do not pair any FUSEloid character or voicebank with any of the characters/voicebanks listed below. This includes, but is not limited to medleys, duets, and covers. If you are unsure, feel free to contact me.
If you have any questions about a character/voicebank on this list, do not hesitate to contact me as well.
This blacklist is for the safety of all voice providers involved.The following voicebanks are strictly forbidden.
Do not use these voicebanks or characters in conjunction with any FUSEloid.
- Seiko Sabiki
- Aero Junshi
- Uki / 浮
- Redgie
- Killer Jenny
- Joshloid
- Ohga Dthoe
- Atdo Kfantel
This extends to any other vocal synths affiliated with:
- Riniifluff / Aero / AE - 1O
- LoonarEklipse / Retsune-P / F.P. / milktea / Lil(y)lian / Jenny / FizzyPilk / Luna
The following voicebanks are only forbidden if i have not granted you permission.
Do not use these voicebanks or characters in conjunction with any FUSEloid unless you have received permission.
- Fuzzy
- Clyde
- Tomi
- Springy
- Astrid
- Kidiloid
- Nemo
- Yuno NIO
- Evelynn
This extends to any other vocal synths affiliated with:
- Tomiprod / 4Blood / Up-town P / VoiceFace
Please note that asking for permission does not guarantee that it will be granted.Please also adhere to the TOS of users mentioned above..